Clogged nose is the common symptom for cold. But, for the people suffering from allergies, clogged nose and sinus issues are part of their daily life. Such a small thing like this doesn't allow you to garner a single moment of pure happiness throughout the day. People with such allergies are always looking for a natural method to find relief from allergy or sinus infection. The use of saline irrigations for the nose and sinuses has been shown to be extremely effective against the allergy symptoms and shortening the duration of a severe sinus infection.

Typically, for allergy sufferers, we recommend irrigating the sinuses once every day to every other day with around 8 ounces of salt water.  There is data that designates over irrigating the sinuses can deplete natural immune cells which reside in the mucus of the sinuses. We would not recommend irrigating more than once a day.

Saltwater washes help keep the nasal passages open by washing out thick and dried mucus. It can also help enhance the function of cilia that help clear the sinuses. This can help to prevent the spread of infection to the other sinuses and reduce post-nasal drip. It is also beneficial in making the nose feel more comfortable by keeping the mucous membranes moist throughout the day.

Sinus Rinse Kit
NeilMed Sinus Rinse
is an easy to squeeze bottle system, or you can get 60 premixed sachets in a pack. It enables you to deliver the saline solution in your nose with positive pressure. It helps to clean the nasal passages thoroughly while keeping your head in an upright position. With Neilmed Sinus Rinse, you have the full control of the pressure and volume of saline solution, ensuring a gentle, soothing and therapeutic experience. Daily rinsing is good for the better results and will keep your nasal passages clean, healthy and open. Sinus Rinse is excellent for all ages. It is available in isotonic, paediatric and hypertonic concentrations.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse is effective on 

• Nasal allergies, dryness and Hay fever

• Sinus pressure and nasal stuffiness

• Nasal Symptoms of Flu & Cold

• Nasal irritation from occupational and house dust, animal dander, fumes,  pollen, grass,smoke, etc.

• Post-Nasal drip and nasal congestion

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