Are you one of the millions of adults who rely on taking several pain-killers like Aspirin frequently to manage ongoing joint or bone pains? Do you think you can't manage without these pills at all? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place to learn about safer alternatives to taking these drugs. Whether you feel it in your shoulder, low back, knees or elsewhere, some natural remedies have been shown to help relieve the joint pain symptoms — including reduced range of motion, stiffness, and difficulty walking.

1. Epsom Salt Soak

Taking a relaxing bath with Epsom Salts is a classic remedy for any muscle or joint ache. H

igh in sulfates and magnesium Epsom salts are easily absorbed through your skin to give quick relief as they lower inflammation, relax tense areas and reduce muscle spasms.

You can also try adding some essential oils to your Epsom salt bath;

the kind you choose will depend on what’s exactly causing your pain. For example go for a lavender essential oil if stress is worsening a condition that causes pain, or applies peppermint oil if the painful site feels swollen and warm.

2. Hot and Cold Packs

For immediate joint pain relief, give rest to the painful area and try a hot-and-cold method to managing pain. First, apply a hot therapeutic gel pack to the affected region for around 20 minutes. Immediately follow up with an ice pack for another 20 minutes. If you can’t stand the cold of ice, let it thaw out while you are applying heat. Even a mildly-chilled pack will help to bring relief to a stiff area. Try to apply ice or heat every day if possible. Keep the area elevated if swelling is severe to reduce fluid retention.

3. Getting Enough Movement & Exercise

Stiff muscles due to the inactivity can cause severe joint pain in the body or worsen conditions such as arthritis. For example, tension in the leg muscles might be responsible for added stress placed on the knees as well as hips, as weak muscles contribute to instability and a higher risk of injuries or compensations. Regular exercising can benefit to strengthen and stretch your affected joints and muscles, enhancing circulation and often reducing pain.

4. If Appropriate, Weight Loss

Carrying around few extra pounds puts additional strain on your joints and bones. If you are suffering from joint pain as well as a bone disorder, like osteoporosis, being overweight can also stimulate bone degeneration. Even shedding just a few pounds can help to ease pain and may prevent future problems.

5. Phynova joint and muscle relief tablets

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These tablets have been a directive for the relief of a minor sports injuries, backache, rheumatic or muscular pains, general body aches and pains in the muscles as well as joints based on traditional use. This is a pain relief product which is derived from the plant Sigesbeckia, that has a rich history of use in the oriental medicine for the management of symptoms of all forms of musculoskeletal pains. It is available in 60 tablets pack.

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