Some workplaces are unavoidably noisy. For airport ground staff, peasants, industrial workers and musicians, noise merely is part of their profession. Unfortunately, amongst these professions, hearing loss is often considered inevitable. Noise-induced hearing loss can be easily prevented by using earplugs.

Alpine sleepsoft earplugs are much different and effective compared to the normal earplugs. These earplugs are specially made to fit the client's ears, and so offer maximum comfort and ease of use.

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Noise-reducing earplugs
These protect dangerous levels of noise. This is defined as any level of noise where the normal speech cannot be recognised (usually over 85db). The common examples of dangerously loud sources of noise are a lawnmower, power saw, peak stadium crowd noise, firecrackers and more. These earplugs cancel the outer noise but allow you to hear speech enough.

Sleeping ear plugs
A good night’s sleep is key to feeling great during the day. But an uninterrupted, blissful night’s rest is tough for those who are exposed continuously to distracting sounds such as loud neighbours, traffic, or a loved one’s heavy snoring. Alpine sleep soft earplugs are an excellent way to get the sleep you want. They are extremely comfortable, and they enable your body to get calm surroundings, switch off and relax.

Alpine SleepSoft earplugs are perfect for:

  • New parents who want to sleep when their baby sleeps while still being able to hear when the baby cries and wakes up at night.
  • People who work the night shifts and want to sleep during the day, when outside noise is usually louder
  • Those who must deal with their loved one's snoring night after night
  • People who live on busy roads

Sleeping ear plugs to block out around 30 decibels of sound. Once they’re in your ears, your next door neighbour’s lawn mower will sound like a quiet mumble.

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