Gripping, lifting and carrying are necessary movements for dozens of daily tasks, so it’s necessary to do them in a joint-friendly way to avoid the joint pain and injury. Osteoarthritis is another degenerative disease that causes joint pain as the particular cartilage becomes thinner. It is one of the most common forms of arthritis around the globe.

Mind your thumbs.
If you have a thumb pain which is a common arthritis-related problem, avoid picking up or carrying bags, purses or other items. Avoid carrying these items in an overhand grasp with your fingers curled under the bag's handle. Instead of this, use both of your hands, palms facing up, to scoop the purse to a higher surface, like a chair or countertop, then loop the purse' strap over your shoulder or forearm.

Lighten up.
Don’t overload laundry baskets, grocery bags, or purses. Take only what you require for the day in your purse or work bag, and make multiple trips for laundry or groceries. In the kitchen, consider replacing the heavy pans and pots with lighter-weight kitchenware or just store them on the countertop.

Use your large joints.
Take the stress off of your smaller joints in your wrists and hand by holding items close to your body. This technique helps distribute the weight evenly. And when you can, try to slide the heavy objects rather of lifting them.

Enlarge handles.
Slip foam pipe insulation on to handles of all sorts, from hair brushes and eating utensils to gardening tools and screwdrivers. The tubing is available in various sizes at home improvement shops. Cut to the right length, slide it on and secure with tape if required.

Carry Flexiseq
Flexiseq 50g gel is a yellow coloured gel which does not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredient. It works by relieving the joint pain usually associated with osteoarthritis, and restore the mobility of the joint. They are tiny lipid spheres that can penetrate the skin to deliver the phospholipids deep into the joints where they are needed. Its ingredient, Sequessome helps improve lubrication around the joints thus reducing the friction and making movement easier. After starting to use Flexiseq, the effects can show in just two days.

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