We try hard to avoid, but sometimes you’re going to exhaust your body and find yourself in pain after a heavy workout. Exercise-induced soreness of muscles usually disappears within a few days. You can buy muscle relief tablets online for a speedy recovery. You can also speed up, the recovery process by following these pointers to help you get the painless muscles.

1. Stretch
Stretching is your first line of defence after a great workout. While training, you contract your muscles, during which the muscle fibres get shorter. Lengthening them shortly after an exercise promotes the muscle mobility, and can lead to a quicker recovery. If you’re fresh to stretching, check out the Youtube for simple stretching exercises.

2. Foam roll
Using a good quality foam roller to massage your sore muscles after a workout can significantly lessen DOMS. Offer each major muscle group at least around five rolls. Begin with your calves and working your way up your body. Spend some extra time on sore spots.

3. Massage your sore spots
Don’t limit foam rolling just to your post-workout schedule. Do it between the workouts to ease muscle soreness and enhance mobility. Indeed, to see significant changes in the latter, you have to use a foam roll even on the days you don’t exercise.

4. Get heated
Heat improves circulation, especially the focused heat like a jacuzzi. It is one of the most powerful recovery tools between the workouts. Immediately after an exercise session, such heat can intensify inflammation, and the jets can hit your already damaged muscles, resulting in increased muscle soreness instead of less.

5. Favour fatty acids
The muscles usually get sore due to the inflammation. To reduce this inflammation, eat foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The food items containing a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acid are salmon, flax, avocado, free-range meat, and walnuts. The natural anti-inflammatory characteristics of these foods can help dial back soreness after extreme exertion.

6. Ice it.
Shortly after a tough workout, icing your muscles can stave off inflammation. Icing your muscles is the best method for the instant pain relief. The cold impact numbs the pain while narrowing the blood vessels, which helps limit the amount of swelling.

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