Shark liver oil has been utilised as a remedy for many ailments by people on the coasts of Norway as well as Sweden for hundreds of years. It was mainly used to improve wound healing and as a general remedy for multiple conditions of the respiratory tract and the human digestive system.

Shark liver oil is obtained from the liver of cold-water sharks. The shark liver oil is a rich source of alkylglycerols, that may have anti-cancer properties. Other chemicals in shark liver oil being studied against cancer are squalene and squalamine. Shark liver oil is a dietary supplement utilised to enhance the human immune system, heal body wounds, to treat cancer, fight off diseases, and lessen the side effects of traditional cancer treatment. Many common fishes control buoyancy with their swim bladders. However, the sharks lack swim bladders and maintain their buoyancy with their large livers that are full of oil.  This stored liver oil may also function as a valuable nutrient when food is scarce. Immutone Shark Liver Oil Capsules are the best available source for shark liver oil in the market.

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Alkylglycerols, one of the components found in shark liver oil, are thought to be helpful in numerous ways. It has been inferred that they fight cancer by killing the tumour cells indirectly. They activate the immune system in two different ways:

1. By stimulating immune system cells called the macrophages, which consume invading germs and injured cells

2. By hindering protein kinase C, which is a crucial regulator of cell growth.

Alkylglycerols decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and the radiation treatment, with their ability to protect cell membranes.  Because of their immune-boosting effects, alkylglycerols also help against flu, chronic infections, colds, psoriasis, asthma, and arthritis.

Squalamine and Squalene:
Squalamine and squalene are amongst the other shark liver oil components, which also have anti-cancer effects. Some studies show that squalamine can slow the growth of tumour blood vessels. It is also useful against macular degeneration, an eye condition that results in vision loss. Squalene has the cell-protecting abilities, which may decrease the side effects of chemotherapy. 

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