Though the bedridden patients are in a recovery mode, bedsores or pressure ulcers can develop on their skin and cause health issues. Extreme pressure on the skin causes bedsores. They generate huge pain and discomfort and can also cause infections such as cellulitis, meningitis, and endocarditis. The shoulder blades, heels, elbows, tailbone, and hips are the most common areas for bed sores because these parts contain less muscle and fat.

When the body doesn’t get any kind of movement, it can block adequate blood flow to the skin, denying it of nutrients as well as oxygen. If you or someone you know is on bed rest, then there are multiple things you can do to avoid the bed sores.

Change your positions frequently
When you change your position often, there will be limited pressure on your skin, decreasing your risk of acquiring pressure ulcers. It is a great idea to reposition your body at least per 2 hours. If you are incapable of switching positions on your own, ask a family member to help.

Keep skin clean and drycheap Proshield spray and cream
The cleaner and drier your skin is, the less likely it is to have bed sores. Dip a clean wash rag in a bucket of lukewarm water and mild soap and clean your body with it.  You might require someone else to help you clean the hard-to-reach places. If you rub too hard, it might lead to skin irritation. Useful and cheap Proshield spray and cream can be quite helpful in cleaning patients without a hassle.

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Use pillows
Another effective way to prevent the bedsores is to put some pillows between parts of your body which press against each other. Many doctors recommend placing a pillow under your shoulders, tailbone, elbows and heels. If you are lying on your either side, it is better to put the pillow between your knees as well as ankles.

When you are not able to get out of bed, the idea of activity seems daunting. However, doing a few ranges of simple motion exercises in bed can help decrease the risk of bed sores.

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