You might feel anxious or helpless as a result of your constant lower back pain. Take back a measure of control by including the following  pain-relief suggestions into your daily routine:

1. Cold therapy
There are loads of recent high-tech discoveries for combating the lower back pain. But a simple cold pack continues to be an effective and proven approach for treating your aching back. Typically, the cold therapy is highly effective when it is applied soon after an injury occurs; or after any activity that creates pain and stiffness. Cold therapy can also be effective when it comes to alleviating postoperative pain and discomfort.

There are some options for applying the cold therapy, including a gel pack or frozen water bottle. You may also find that combining cold treatment with a nice body massage brings even more relief.

2. Heat therapy
Like cold therapy, the heat therapy is a tried and tested method for back pain relief. There are various benefits associated with heat therapy, such as:

Spurring the flow of nutrients and a good amount of healing oxygen to your lower back.

Decreasing stiffness through the stretching of your soft tissues.

Inhibiting the transmission of pain signals to your brain.

Heat therapy is usually applied following the initial 24-72 hours after an injury. But if you are suffering from the chronic back pain you should try alternative cold and heat therapy, until you get the one which works best for you.

3. Hamstring stretching
If you have stiff hamstring muscles (the large muscles in the back of your thighs), the motion in your pelvis becomes limited. This, in turn, can double the stress on your lower back. As you can imagine, tight hamstrings are especially common for people who have a sedentary lifestyle and involves a lot of sitting.

Including hamstring stretching into your daily routine is not as challenging as it may sound, as you can tie your stretching to a common activity. If you have joint pain, you can also use rocktape in UK . People who were wrapped in the rock tape using special methods saw a dramatic improvement in their mobility, joint and muscle health, and pain reduction during the physical activities. Many online pharmacies will provide you rock tape in the UK at comparable rates.

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