Your skin is continually being exposed to external stressors that can cause severe damage and weaken its composition. During winter, unfavorable weather conditions and chilling temperatures can cause specific problems for all types of skins but especially sensitive or compromised. If your skin is feeling quite dry, sore and painful to a normal touch, then your skin might have a compromised epidermal barrier. So keep reading this blog for a more in-depth look at this condition and how to treat it accurately.

What is Weakened Skin Barrier?
When the epidermis is not able to repair and regenerate itself correctly, the weakened skin happens. It becomes vulnerable to the environment and external irritants that could cause severe damage. If you work outside, work with chemicals or have undergone some medical treatment like chemotherapy then you can expect to have a weakened skin barrier. Added factors which aid in weakening your skin include sun exposure, smoking, and frigid weather conditions such as strong winds or extreme cold.

How a Weakened Skin Barrier Harms the Skin?
A weakened skin barrier doesn't target any specific part of your body; rather it can occur anywhere on the body. Most commonly, it is found on the hands, lips and face, as these are regions that are consistently put under undue strain and are exposed to the external irritants. A weakened skin barrier manifests a dry, sore and extremely irritated skin which doesn’t respond to moisturisers no matter how intense they may be. Due to the weakened skin barrier, the epidermis stays unprotected against the growth of other skin issues like dermatitis and eczema, or it could mean that the skin reacts badly to common irritants like make-up and cleaning products.

How to Avoid Weakened Skin Barrier?
To tackle and repair a damaged skin barrier you will require to adopt a two-step strategy; focus on both topical medications and slight lifestyle modifications. Including more moisture, oils and rich foods in your diet will help to provide required nutrients to the skin from the inside to keep any potential damage to a minimum. Using topical skin care that is intended to hydrate and repair the epidermal barrier will also enhance the condition of your skin from the outside.

Which is the Best Topical Medication?
Bioderma Cicabio Soothing Repair Cream
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