Being aware of your liver’s condition and what is best for it takes a slightly different turn as the temperature rises. Anyone with a liver condition can make informed choices about handling the summer’s heat. A logical purpose to controlling exorbitant amounts of heat is through the balance offered by a cold application. While excessive heat can reduce fluidity, cold can help to minimise circulation by contracting the tissues. Here is the compiled a list of top five options to consider for quelling the heat that typically grows within the liver during summer season.

1. Lightly cook foods
Avoid pressure cooking, deep-frying or baking to reduce the heat in your diet. When sautéing, steaming or simmering, attempt to limit the whole amount of cooking time. A healthy reaction to improved air temperature is sweat, which serves to cool the body but also results in a loss of essential nutrients. A shorter cooking time helps food maintain more of the nutrients essential for liver health.

2. Hydrate
Drinking loads water is a better choice to counteract the effects of extreme heat. This will prevent dehydration and helps to keep the liver properly lubricated.

3. Limit heavy foods
Heavy items like meat, eggs and fatty food items will slow down digestion and provide to the accumulation of heat. Especially important in the summer, a heavy meal will lead to lethargy, hampering the liver’s ability to manage the free and smooth flow of health throughout the body.

4. Choose cooling foods
Balancing heat through dietary therapy is a vital concept in many traditional drugs. To adjust the heat during the summertime, try foods with cooling characteristics such as salads, sprouts, fruit (especially watermelon, lemons, apples,  and limes), cucumber, tofu and flower/leaf teas (chrysanthemum, mint and chamomile, etc.).

5. A cooling and invigorating supplement
You can go for LiverCare HealthAid to counter the heat issues of your liver. It helps to detoxify, cleanse and maintain liver health. It is certainly a  useful supplement for people with alcohol related problems or wanting to cleanse the liver. Adults and children over the age of 16, two to four tablets daily.

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