How to deal with excruciating joint pain due to arthritis?  That question haunts many as they have to fight with joint pain on a daily basis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease which causes joint pain as a result of the thinning of the articular cartilage. To protect your joints from the pain, follow these tips.

1. Avoid positions that foster deformity such as:

a)    Tight pinchingFlexiseq Gel 50g

  • While writing, wrap your pen with foam to build it up for a more easy grip.
  • When opening packages, use proper tools such as the pair of scissors rather using your fingers.
  • While drinking, use a mug and wrap your hand around it for a bigger, more stable grip.

b) Tight gripping

  • When picking kitchen utensils, select those with large and soft handles for more comfortable grip.
  • While opening a jar, using a non slip mat on the cap will improve your grip and reduce the stress on your finger joints.

c) Exerting excessive pressure on your joints
When lifting objects, always use both your hands. If you’re lifting an object from below waist level, first bend your knees and try to keep your back straight before lifting the object.

2. Avoid prolonged static positions
Change your posture often as holding your joints in a single place for extended time periods can result in fatigue as well as pain. Take frequent rest breaks while engaging in activities.

3. Prioritise, organise and use the tools to finish the tasks
Develop realistic expectations of what you can achieve then prioritise those tasks. Plan your workspace for highest efficiency and avoid repetition during strenuous activities. Keep frequently-used objects nearby. Use adaptive devices for challenging tasks you often do.

Get long-handled versions of tools like dustpans and shoe horns to minimise bending position.

4. Balance rest and exercise
Stop activity and rest as soon as you notice the signs of fatigue and pain.

Balance rest with exercise as it is both essential to maintain movement as well as strength. Consult your physician for an exercise programme which right for you.

5. Follow the plan recommended by your doctor or therapist
Splints can help to manage your joint pain or deformities and provide needed support to your painful joints. Correctly follow the splinting plan which your physician has smartly designed for you.

For joint pain, we recommend Flexiseq 50g gel. The gel contains tiny particles that seek out water and move through your skin into the knee joint. These particles attach themselves to the cartilage, which helps to ‘lubricate’ the joint, decreasing joint stiffness and helping with pain.

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