Omega 7 or Palmitoleic Acid is a little known fatty acid which does wonders for health. It is found in the pulp of sea buckthorn berries and quite rare in the plant kingdom. The most abundant source of this incredible fatty acid is the sea buckthorn berry oil, which has the highest omega 7 presence of any known natural cause. This rare fatty acid shows promise for promoting gastrointestinal, digestive, cardiovascular, health and inflammation response. It's also a benefit for hair, skin, and nails which is why it is referred to as the 'Beauty Omega'.

Hair, Skin And NailsOmega 7 Sea Buckthorne Oil Capsules 60 OR 150 Capsules

Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn is excellent for supporting the health of the skin. It can aid to restore the skin's natural omega stability, protecting skin cells and helping with the healing of cells.

Our Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails product is perfect for daily use to support beautiful, shiny hair and healthy nails. It's rich in omega seven from sea buckthorn berry oil and also contains sea buckthorn seed oil as well as biotin for the best beauty support possible.

Benefits of omega-7 for skin health
Sea buckthorn berry oil can offer shiny hair, glowing skin and healthy nails.  Sea buckthorn berry oil containing Omega 7 is a favourite ingredient in many beauty and skin care products. The doctors recommend it for fighting signs of premature ageing such as skin dryness and wrinkles.

Gastrointestinal Health
Omega 7 enhances the health of the gastric mucous membranes and help to heal gastric ulcers. Weak mucous membranes are the reason for many common digestive health challenges. Omega 7 rich sea buckthorn oil can help repair the gastric tissue and mucosa.

Mucous Membrane Health & Dryness
The human body has an intricate network of mucous membranes. They serve a vital role in protecting our health. The oral supplementation of sea buckthorn berry oil can aid with some chronic dryness related issues.

The Sea buckthorn oil has been researched for its ability to help with dryness throughout our body. Good mucous membrane health can affect many parts of the body. Whether it is the chronic eye dryness, recovery from menopause or chemotherapy, or disorders such as Sjogren's syndrome sea buckthorn oil with Omega 7 may be the best answer.

Cardiovascular Health
Omega 7 has shown promise for maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. One study showed a reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides in rats administered omega 7.

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