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HealthAid Day Vit Active Tabs

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HealthAid Day Vit Active Tabs

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Day-vit Active is a well balanced formulation that offers maximum performance and vitality throughout the day. A unique combination of vitamins, minerals and dl-Methionine, enriched with CoQ10 & pure standardised Panax (Korean) Ginseng to contribute to the maintanance of physical and mental energy. What are HealthAid Day-vit® Active tablets for? Day-vit® Active tablets contain a wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements at the suggested Recommended Daily Intake to help safeguard your daily nutrient intake and provide the nutritional support that your body needs to cope with the demands of everyday life. Vitamins are organic substances that are essential in regulating both the metabolic functions within the cells and the processes that release energy from food Vitamin A contributes to the maintanance of strong immune system and healthy eyes and skin Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and healthy teeth Vitamin E and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and contribute to the maintanance of strong immune system B vitamins are important in metabolic activity and energy production, also contribute to normal red blood cell formation, cell division and amino acid metabolism Minerals are inorganic substances which are important for various metabolic processes in the body HealthAid Day-vit Active Tablets may be of benefit to: People who want to boost their energy People leading a stressful life People who do not eat a healthy balanced diet Students going through their exam period People who are on a weight management programme

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