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HealthAid Healthy Mega 60 Tabs

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HealthAid Healthy Mega 60 Tabs

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Healthy Mega Prolonged Release Tablets are a combination of 14 vitamins, 12 minerals, 4 digestive enzymes, 3 bioflavonoids and seven micronutrients in a synergistically balanced, prolonged release one-a-day formulation to ensure optimal nutritional needs are met. The demands placed upon people living in this century leading busy lifestyles, with no time to prepare nutritious meals, people often resort to convenience foods which are usually high in fat, and overcooked meals which destroy the vital vitamins and minerals essential to maintain good health. HealthAid Healthy Mega is an excellent supplement, which may help to optimise your daily nutrient levels. The unique formula contains Vitamins and Mineral complexes with Digestive Enzymes, Antioxidants, and Full Potency Herbs. Mineral supplements play a crucial role in our metabolic processes and also in the production of energy. Digestive Enzymes are necessary to help Breakdown Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats and the extraction of vital nutrients. What Are Healthy Mega Tablets for? Contribute to the maintanance of general health & well-being May help to improve digestive functioning May boost immunity & increase energy levels Beneficial to provide supplementation whilst on weight management programme Who needs to use Healthy Mega Tablets? Busy executives who skip meals during a stressful working day People having poor diets which lack sufficient daily nutrient intake Ideal for those who find it difficult to digest dietary foods Those who are on a weight loss programme

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