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SpiderTech X Universal Spider Kinesiology Tape Blue 6 Strips

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SpiderTech X Universal Spider Kinesiology Tape Blue 6 Strips

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SpiderTech delivers powerful, 100% drug-free relief for minor aches and pain. It also provides support for your joints much like a brace. Used by medical professionals, top Olympic, professional athletes and now available to you – SpiderTech is easy-to-use, waterresistant, latex-free, hypoallergenic and lasts up to 5 days.

SpiderTech is unique because it's pre-cut elastic therapeutic tape designed to mimic the thickness and elasticity of human skin - helping protect tissues during recovery for safer range of motion during exercise and everyday movements. Unlike clunky braces, compression wear, smelly creams and pills, SpiderTech is goes on fast, is so light you barely feel it and is completely safe for children, adults and seniors.

SpiderTech tape works in more than one way to help you with recovery, performance, and prevention. SpiderTech tape is clinically researched and developed with advanced wave technology purported to activate Merkel cells (nerve endings) on the skin that signal your central nervous system to block the discomfort (also known as “Sensory Gaiting”). Additionally, SpiderTech tape works with your body's natural movements by providing a gentle tug on the skin and lower fascial layers, which allows agitation to occur and mechanical lifting of the superficial tissues.

SpiderTech also provides support for joint instability, sprains and muscle strains, weak injured muscles and joints, and helps prevent further injury.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 Simply apply the versatile and easy-to-use Universal X Spider tape in just seconds to your neck, shoulder, elbow or wherever it hurts. Plus, the non-latex adhesive holds when you need it to without leaving any residue when removed. Apply the Universal X Spider to clean or shaved skin, tear all perforations before applying, Follow the numbered application tabs. That’s it! Now you’re good for up to 5 days.

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