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HealthAid Immutone 1000mg Shark Liver Oil 30 Capsules

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HealthAid Immutone 1000mg Shark Liver Oil 30 Capsules

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Immutone Shark Liver Oil Capsules contain Immutone Shark Oil, which contains Alkylglycerols that are involved in the production of white blood cells and play an important part in the body’s immune system. Alkylglycerols occur naturally in mother’s milk, bone marrow, liver and spleen. In certain cases the ability to produce adequate Alkylglycerols is impaired and this can leave the body more susceptible to lower immunity. Immutone Shark Liver Oil is made with Greenland Shark Liver Oil which is rich in Alkylglycerols. It is an excellent supplement to help support the body’s immune, digestive and respiratory systems. Due to the naturally high glycerol content in Shark Liver Oil, Immutone is an excellent supplement for maintaining the texture and moisture balance of the skin. Immutone Capsules May Be Of Benefit To : Those who wish to enhance the immune system, offering protection against viral infections, the flu and common cold Those who wish to increase heart health by increasing blood circulation and maintaining cholesterol levels Those who wish to use it for its anti-fungal properties against warts Those who wish to decrease the inflammation process e.g. arthritis sufferers, and therefore may help elevate pain Those who wish to stabilise blood sugar levels Those who wish to increase strength and overall energy levels with stress related disorders When Should I Take Immutone Shark Liver Oil Capsules? Immutone Shark Oil Capsules can be taken on a daily basis to help enhance immunity as well as for general health and well being.

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